This site was created to give HOA directors and management personnel fast and easy access to valuable information about the background of the people that it is relying on and peace of mind when making a hiring decision.

Homeowners Association (HOA) directors are responsible for hiring property managers, employees, and independent contractors who are vested with responsibilities that provide access to the association’s personnel, its members and their tenants, families and friends, their funds, and their property. It is imperative that HOA directors make prudent decisions when hiring such people.

Through this site and its access to an extensive network of databases through A Good Employee, a comprehensive report about the background of an individual is only moments away.

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Identity Verification

Know exactly who you are hiring. The Address History and SSN report will verify a job applicant’s social security number and current and past addresses, is an integral part of background screening.

County, Statewide, National Criminal Search

This valuable report provides you with the results of an investigation of an individual’s criminal background at county, state, and federal levels.

Sex Offender Search

This report provides the results of an investigation of all available sex offender databases. The report identifies high risk offenders, their name, physical description, address, crime and crime location.

Employment Verification

This report provides verification of an individual’s previous employment dates, job titles, salary information and rehire status. The names of previous employer references are provided.

Education Verification

This report provides verification of an individual’s school attendance, graduation date, degree, and GPA to enable you to confirm the accuracy of information contained in an applicant’s resume.

Check Writing History

TeleCheck has been a leading check processing and risk analytics service for the past 50 years. By maintaining a live database of fraudulent checks reported by hundreds of thousands of merchants, TeleCheck check verification can pull up an individual’s check writing history.

Motor Vehicle Record Report

An employee with an adverse driving record can indicate a risky hire, especially if the traffic violation involved alcohol or drugs. Department of Motor Vehicle checks are absolutely necessary for DOT regulated businesses and positions that require driving on the company’s behalf.

Business Reference Verification

Save time by ordering a personal reference check with A Good Employee. We’ll help you verify that your applicant has a good standing reputation through a series of questions we ask their personal references.

Form I-9 Employment Verification

Ensure you have a legal workforce by checking employee eligibility to work in the United States. This is a check required by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services and is performed after an employee has been hired. We’ll handle the document process online so you don’t have to.

Previous Address History Report

A previous address history trace and social security number search is a preliminary verification of the job candidate’s identity. We search numerous databases to create a report that includes a history of all previous addresses and first and last name variations.

OFAC/Terrorist Report

In recent years it has become essential to check that every applicant is allowed to do business in the United States. Our access to millions of terrorist and most wanted records is an essential step towards promoting workplace safety and complying with the US Patriot Act.

Financial Background

We recommend a financial background report for job positions that require managing your companies finances or sensitive financial data. Our detailed and easy to read financial background report includes collections, tradelines, inquiries, past due accounts, bankruptcies, tax liens, and civil judgments.

Easy, Instant, and Comprehensive Reports

A Good Employee features a streamlined portal that makes it easy to order and review employee background checks. Our intuitive system keeps you consistently updated via email and allows you to view real-time status updates in your account dashboard. The reports you’ll receive are easy to understand, giving you the clarity you need when making a hiring decision. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that our reports are compliant with federal and state regulations. Experience more efficient and consistent hiring, starting with A Good Employee’s background screening solutions.

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